The swivel hose connector can be used to attach the domestic water supply to the water intake connection on top of the aquaplenish Water Changer. It will eliminate any potentially buckling of the hose.

Recommended hose lengths are provided, but the hobbyist can choose the size of the container and cut the length of hose to reach the floor of the container. The Hobbyist can cut the hose to suit his/her needs. We have provided hose fittings to meet all expected requirements.

We are investigating the option to provide a purpose built container. The benefit of the aquaplenish Water Changer is the flexibility to fit on most containers.

Aquariums are closed systems where concentrations of imported chemicals and nutrients steadily accumulate over time. When the aquarium system is not in balance, many undesirable aquarium conditions begin to manifest due to poor water quality. Regular aquarium water changes are required to remove harmful toxins (nitrogenous pollutants and decomposing organic waste materials), improve water clarity and replenish healthy water conditions.

There is a misconception that with the development of efficient filtration systems that water changes are no longer important. Filtration alone is not capable of completely offsetting the effects of declining water quality.

Routine water changes have always been a basic aspect of aquarium maintenance.
Should be undertaken every two/three weeks. About 25% of the aquarium water should be changed.

The hose connectors and length of hose provide the hobbyist with a flexible solution for their set up needs.

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