Problems identified with water change practices.

  • Water change process is time consuming and messy.
  • Exposure of fish to potentially damaging unconditioned water.
  • Lifting of heavy buckets and water spillage.
  • Siphon gravel vacuums are slow and normally limited to filling a bucket at the foot of the aquarium.
  • Over use of chemical additives.
  • Lack of regular water changes have a negative impact the health of aquarium inhabitants.

Benefits of the Aquaplenish Water Changing system.

  • Makes aquarium water changes faster and easier.
  • Less stress on the fish during water change process.
  • No lifting of buckets and reduced incidence of water spillage.
  • The Water Changer adapter boosts the flow of extracted water, transfers it further, ideally outside to the garden and even uphill.
  • Chemicals/conditioners only required for the volume of water being replenished into the aquarium, not the total volume of water in the aquarium.
  • Promotes regular, high quality water changes that benefit aquarium inhabitants.

Sophisticated Additional Features

+ Power boost your gravel

The Aquaplenish can be used to power boost your standard siphon gravel vacuum, allowing for a quicker and more efficient extraction of water.

Simply attach your standard gravel vacuum to the Aquaplenish Gravel Vacuum attachment/adapter provided and then connect the adapter to the bottom mounted water extraction ‘Fill” inlet. Redirect the top mounted hose for replenishing the water to the aquarium, back into the separate container or alternatively attach a hose to the top mounted outlet and pump the dirty water to the garden or to a drain.

+ Aquarium emergency
support system

The Aquaplenish can be assist to facilitate the quarantining of sick fish in emergency situations as well as assist to provide an emergency back up system for the aquarium entire tank.

Fit the adapter/filter to the recirculation input pipe, situated underneath the device next to the fill input pipe. Turn on the recirculation button to commence the aeration and filtration functions. If used in the conditioning container it can assist to facilitate the quarantining of sick fish; or if placed in the aquarium it can assist to provide an emergency back up system.

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