Aquaplenish™ is the global brand for Aqavive Pty Ltd, an Australian Company.

The Aqavive Water Changer was initially launched in Australia. It was decided to expand the product offering to fish keeping hobbyists throughout the world.

Our global brand Aquaplenish™ was launched August 2017.

Aqavive was established to provide an efficient, innovative solution to the problem of aquarium water changes. Our goal was to benefit both the hobbyist by reducing the time taken to do a water change and provide a consistent quality water change system, which benefits the health of the aquarium inhabitants.

The Water Change Problem

Aquarium water changes are a necessity and are time consuming and laborious tasks. Commencing with the extraction of aquarium water through the popular siphon gravel vacuum to replenishing the aquarium water with poorly conditioned and temperature matched water.

The Aqavive / Aquaplenish Story

We built the Aquaplenish business on a simple concept of quarantining domestic water in a separate container, conditioning the water and transferring it to the aquarium as efficiently as possible.

In order to design a user-friendly portable and compact system, we developed a device that can be easily attached to the rim of most water containers, and then focused on providing all the functions required for successful aquarium water changes.

Once a prototype was developed, we sought extensive feedback from Aquarium Store operators and fish keeping hobbyists.

Based on this feedback, we engaged product designers to rigorously test, improve and redesign our initial concept to the  final product.

We engaged the highly regarded commercialisation adviser, Innovic, together with a vast array of professionals including, Griffith Hack, Ideation Design, and Blink Creative to work with us to bring the innovative aquaplenish Water Changer to the aquarium hobby market.

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