Conditions, monitors temperature & replenishes your aquarium with the push of a button.

The Aquaplenish Water Changer is an innovative patent pending electronic device which provides a solution to the problem of aquarium water changes.

The Aquaplenish Water Changer electronically:
  1. 01 Conditions
  2. 02 Monitors
  3. 03 Transfers
  4. Gravel Vacuum
    power boost


Conditions, recirculates and aerates water directly from the tap.

  • Recirculates
  • Internal


The inbuilt thermometer measures both the water temperature in the container and the water being added.

  • In-built
  • Bracket to hold
    aquarium heater


Transfers conditioned fish safe water into your aquarium.

  • Powered
    Water transfer
  • No lifting
    heavy buckets

Wondering exactly
how it works?

The Aquaplenish Water Changer device is located between the domestic water supply and the aquarium. Water is quarantined in a separate container, allowing it to be conditioned, temperature matched and safely transferred to the aquarium.

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